About Commercial Radio
Commercial Radio Productions Ltd. (CRP)

Commercial Radio Productions Ltd. (CRP) was set up in 1997, specializing in marketing and Internet / Information System solutions. By leveraging on CRP & Commercial Radio 's media and creative capabilities, we serve as an end-to-end marketing solution provider to help address our clients'on-line & off-line promotional needs and ease off their related workload. To quote an example, we join hands with different organizations to hold lots of concerts and stage performances of different scales. We also set up a 'Commercial Radio Audience Club' as '903 idclub'. By organizing different kinds of functions and activities, we get closer to our audience and enhance the communication, as well as offer premiums and assistance. Moreover, CRP also produces a series of products such as books, fancy goods, stationery, etc.

CRP is also responsible for the operation of 881903.com, the official website of Hong Kong Commercial Broadcasting Co. Ltd. CRP retransmits CR's signal over the internet, so that audience can enjoy our fabulous programmes all over the world. We also provide programme archives of Commercial Radio to our privileged members. The Internet offers a new spectrum of opportunities creating an innovative and exciting medium to reach an even wider audience.

As an Internet extension of CR, 881903.com has harnessed the benefits of this new medium to extend its reach and provide a multi-dimensional communication channel for our listeners. We has developed and is currently maintaining a vast array of information systems & Web initiatives. Our team has hands-on expertise in content management for sites with multimedia content, community tools such as membership system, voting & forum. CRP will continue to be active in exploring new and improved methods for getting the best out of the Internet.